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Since 1982 Battery Warehouse has been supplying quality batteries at great prices with unbeatable service.

Nationwide Warranty
– 100 Years of Quality –

AC Delco Batteries

Looking for a great nationwide warranty and a battery with 100 years of quality to boot? Battery Warehouse offers an extensive line of ACDELCO Batteries.

Great Quality
– Great Prices –

Battery Warehouse Batteries

Looking for a great quality battery with a great price too? Try our Battery Warehouse branded batteries and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have put them to the test for almost 40 years.

Battery Testing

AC Delco Batteries

Don’t get caught with a dead battery. Most cars modern vehicles do not give much warning before a battery fails. Have a battery professional at Battery Warehouse check your battery for free!

Installation Available
For Most Vehicles*

Battery Warehouse Batteries

Service has been part of our motto since we opened our doors. Put the wrench down and let our battery professionals install the battery for you! We offer fast battery installation on most vehicles when you purchase a battery from us.


GIVE US A CALL 1-800-276-8002

* Exclusions apply, Call for details. Battery Warehouse reserves the right to decline any installation.

** Any subjective terms such as fast constitute no guarantee based upon customer’s definitions of these terms. Wait times may vary for installation services. The garage que and install time are all affected weather, time of day, the condition of the vehicle and battery compartment. Many circumstances may extend the wait time or the install time.

Battery Testing & Installation available at our Maryland & Pennsylvania locations for all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles & more.